Public Sector / Buildings

City Hall – Municipality of Aharnai
Municipal Theatre and City Hall – Municipality of Peyki
New Ward (B’ Phase) in Children’s Hospital, Aglaia & Pan. Kiriakou
International Cultural Centre of Greeks 
Living Abroad (Greek Emigrants) – 
Municipality of Nea Philadelphia
University of Peloponnese
Construction of the 2nd Branch of New Philadelphia’s 
Preschool Education Center
Renovating – Redesigning Of The Embarkation Area at the Port of Patras
Construction of the O.SY SA New Bus Depot, 
in Anthousa
Construction of the Educational Technology 
Center Complex of K.E.T. / ASPETE (former SELETE)
Military Officers Housing Project in Chania, Limnos and Skyros
Town Hall – Anavyssos Attikis
Day Care Centre – Municipality of Peyki
City Hall and Cultural Centre – Municipality of Metamorphosi
Headquarters of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Assosiation
Social Services Centre and Multi – Purpose Building – 
Municipality Of Vrilissia
3rd Primary School – Municipality of Kalivia Thorikou
7th Primary School and Kindergarden – Municipality Of Aharnai
Special Education and Rehabilitation Unit “Margarita” – Nea Pendeli