Public Sector / Buildings

City Hall – Municipality of Aharnai
Municipal Theatre and City Hall – Municipality of Peyki
New Ward (B’ Phase) in Children’s Hospital, Aglaia & Pan. Kiriakou
International Cultural Centre of Greeks 
Living Abroad (Greek Emigrants) – 
Municipality of Nea Philadelphia
University of Peloponnese
Construction of the 2nd Branch of New Philadelphia’s 
Preschool Education Center
Renovating – Redesigning Of The Embarkation Area at the Port of Patras
Construction of the O.SY SA New Bus Depot, 
in Anthousa
Construction of the Educational Technology 
Center Complex of K.E.T. / ASPETE (former SELETE)
Military Officers Housing Project in Chania, Limnos and Skyros
Town Hall – Anavyssos Attikis
Day Care Centre – Municipality of Peyki
City Hall and Cultural Centre – Municipality of Metamorphosi
Headquarters of the Panhellenic Pharmaceutical Assosiation
Social Services Centre and Multi – Purpose Building – 
Municipality Of Vrilissia
3rd Primary School – Municipality of Kalivia Thorikou
7th Primary School and Kindergarden – Municipality Of Aharnai
Special Education and Rehabilitation Unit “Margarita” – Nea Pendeli
Roof repairs in the building of the cultural center of the municipality of Athens
Creation of infrastructure for the operation of two year preschools education
Additions and restructuring in the existing building of the psychiatric clinic of the General Hospital of Messinia
Creation of infrastructures for accessibility and service for the disabled in the schools of Municipality of Athens
(Joint Venture)